Preparing For Take-Off

Some people think that getting a dog will prevent them from going on vacation, but they might get you out more than you might think, and it is totally manageable. Here are some tips for planning a successful trip with your dog:


1. Find a Dog-Friendly Hotel

There are plenty of dog-friendly hotels. Preferred Hotels has several dog-friendly hotels including locations in New Orleans, New York, California, Washington DC, Colorado, Chicago, and Virginia! Once you find out if your hotel is dog friendly, be sure to call and ask if they require any additional payments or paperwork.

2. Talk to Your Airline


Most airlines do allow dogs to travel on their airplanes. However, each airline has their own rules. If your dog is an Emotional Support Animal, you need a letter from your doctor and he or she can sit on your lap during the flight. Even though there is no charge for an ESA, you still have to notify your airline beforehand. If your dog can fit in a small carrier, he or she can fly in the cabin under your seat, but you usually have to pay a fee and provide proper documentation. If your dog is too big for a carrier, he or she may have to fly with the cargo in a crate. Be sure to check out the rules of your airline prior to booking your flight and plan accordingly. 


3. Talk to Your Vet

Clear your trip with your vet to see if he or see can make any recommendations for keeping your dog calm during the flight and if it is safe for your dog to travel. If you are going out of the country check with the airline if you need a letter from your vet stating your dogs vaccinations.


4. Talk to the Concierge 

Prior to leaving for your trip, ask your concierge about any dog-friendly restaurants and activities nearby. If you would like to go out on the town without your pup, ask about any dog-sitting services they may have, so you do not leave your dog alone in an unfamiliar environment.

5. Locate Dog-Friendly Places

If you are bringing your dog, you should make it enjoyable for him or her too! A quick Google search can help you find the most popular dog-friendly restaurants and activities in the area. Bring Fido shows you most of the dog-friendly places near your destination.


6. Pack for Your Dog

Check with your airline if dog food is allowed on the flight. JetBlue does allow both canned and dry dog food on the plane. The dry dog food and treats must be in a leak proof container. Bring a small bowl so you can give your dog some water on the plane and on-the-go. Don't forget to bring a few of your dog's favorite toys so he or she feels right at home!