Oh My Ollie

Recently AJ & Nocci tried Ollie for the first time... and they loved it! They loved it so much that we humans decided to make Ollie a regular thang. Our first box included an adorable red bandana, probiotic treats, a custom sized scooper and several containers of food.

So after debating the food change, we decided to go for it, and here's why...

Time, time, time

We would love to cook homemade food for our boys, but there is simply not enough time. With Ollie, it's like you are giving them a homemade meal every time.

The Ingredients

Unlike kibble, you can actually see the ingredients you're feeding your precious pup.


... Nuff said...

We all know fresh food is healthier for our canines, but here's something we definitely did not know that made our decision much easier... 

Fresh "human food" reverses cancer!

Mix It Up

The video also gave us the idea to put Ollie with their processed food. This is good if your on a budget. You can even freeze Ollie and use it gradually, rather then using it as your pups primary food. According to the Ollie instructions, you may freeze it up to 1 year, leave it in the fridge for 2 weeks, and an open plate for 5 days!

Better Bowl Movements

Need I say more?

Scheduled Eating Times

Your pup can't keeps theirs paws off of the fresh food... or their mouths for that matter. So, they eat the food right away, which allows us humans to regulate the times of their meals and their poops.

Vet Approved

We showed our veterinarians the ingredient list and they approved of us feeding Ollie to our pups!

Amazing Customer Service

Not only was customer service pleasant and cheerful, they even provide comfort in what they do. They really care about their service, and that is why they plan ahead to ensure your pup gets the food they need. If there is a holiday, they send the food early and frozen to make sure your pup has his/her food!

Use this link to get 50% on your first box!

Once you choose Ollie, all you have to do now is sit and watch your pup smile!


Don't forget to follow Ollie's instructions on transitioning your pup to Ollie!