Chewy Influencer: Natural Balance Dog Food Roll

Nocci is pretty picky when it comes to treats & foods. When he was a puppy, I used to put food toppers on his food to entice him. I even used to add chicken broth, water, wet dog food, or treats. After trying several dog foods over the past year, I've found some that he seems to enjoy so I no longer use toppers. Instead, as a treat, I topped Nocci's food with the Natural Balance Dog Food Roll (Duck & Turkey). He ate the chunks of it pretty quickly along with some of his kibble. So if your pup is giving you a problem with eating his food, I'd recommend trying this dog food roll. 

It didn't smell great, but this is to be expected with wet dog food. Anything to help your dog eat his/her kibble, is worth a try!

Disclaimer: I received these goodies free of charge from in an exchange for my honest review. #ChewyInfluencer