Dog Park Etiquette

The dog park is a great place to unwind from a long day of school or work. What's more relaxing than watching pup's play? Bring a book, listen to music, catch up on e-mails or talk to other paw-rents. At the dog park your dog can socialize, play and get all of his or her energy out. If you find your pup destroying things at home, it may mean that he/she is bored and has A LOT of energy. 

Since bringing your dog to the dog run can be nerve recking at first, here are our tips to have the best trip: 

Puppy Play

To be honest, when I first saw puppies play, I thought they were trying to kill each other. So we're going to tell you what playing should look like, so you don't feel like you are being forced to watch a dog fight featuring your own dog.

Puppies often will pull at each others faces and use their mouth for most of the play. However, you can tell if the wrestling gets out of hand if either dog is crying, is trying to flee, tucking his/her tail, or hiding under the bench.



  • Don't expect to stay clean, especially in a muddy or sandy park.
  • Take off your dog's harness to avoid it getting dirty.
  • Make sure to watch to see if your dog goes to the bathroom and be sure to pick it up (they usually have bags at the dog park in case you forget or run out!)
  • Bring your own portable dog bowl. The communal water bowls are usually dirty because they are left out 24/7.
  • When you get home, be sure to wipe your dogs paws. Their paws may contain germs, causing them to get sick when they lick their paws.
  • If you are driving to the dog park, bring a towel to lay on the backseat of your car to prevent your seats from getting dirty.
  • If you don't want to touch dirty tennis balls with your hands, check out the Chuckit! Launcher!

Be Vigilant  

  • Watch your pup to make sure he/she is not getting into any fights, even if you know your dog isn't likely to start a fight.
  • If your dog starts to hump another dog, pull your dog off by its hind legs to stop him or her from humping.
  • If your dog is possessive over toys, make sure he/she is not playing with any balls. This will help prevent any potential fights. If your dog is possessive, you may not want to bring your own water bowl or treats, as they can be possessive over anything that is "theirs".

Both you and your dog will make friends at the dog park. Be sure to get those digits so you can plan to go at the same time and really tire out those crazy doggos.