Ever since getting our pups, halloween has become about the pups. We spend more time planning their costumes than we do our own. Let's be honest, we would rather see a dog in a costume then a human anyway. While it can be fun to dress up your pup, it's important to make sure he or she is comfortable. Here are some tips to keeping your pup comfy this Halloween:

1. Make Sure the Costume Fits
A costume that is too big or too small can be uncomfortable and dangerous for your pup to move around in. Be sure to measure your pup to ensure you order the correct size. If the costume is too big, it may cause your dog to trip or even tug at the excess material.

2. Warmth
Be sure that your pup is not too hot in his or her costume. Remember some of our pups are already wearing a fur coat so the extra layers can make he or she uncomfortable and feel confined. 

3. Don't Leave Your Pup Unattended
Never leave any clothing on your pup when he or she is unsupervised. Costumes can become a hazard if your pup decides to turn it into his or her very own chew toy.

4. Make Sure to Read Costume Reviews
Costumes could be made out of harmful or itchy fabric. Make sure you read reviews to see if you are getting what you actually paid for.

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Rubie's Pet Shop

Picking out your dog's costume can be ruff. There are so many adorable choices. Rubie's Pet Shop has adorable, well made costumes. They have everything from the latest trends to the classics. Click here to see their 2017 catalog. The best part is their costumes are available on Amazon Prime, so you can get them just in time for Halloween. 

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The 27th Annual Tompskins Square Halloween Dog Parade
On Saturday, we attended the Tompskins Square Halloween Dog Parade, which is the largest Halloween Dog Parade in the US. An estimated 500 puppers and 15,0000 humans attended.