How To Create Your Own Custom Socks With Bakdrop

If you're as obsessed with your pup as we are, then you couldn't imagine anything better than super comfy socks with your pup's face on them. If you even know of a few people who would want them too, you can even sell them to your pup's loyal fans. 

Bakdrop is a company that believes every sock has its own story and that socks should be created for the soul. Collaborating with Bakdrop was straightforward and we had a great experience working with them. Here's how to create your own custom socks with Bakdrop:


Through this link, provide the design team at Bakdrop with any ideas you have for the socks and one or more images of your pup. Bakdrop will email you some potential designs within a few days. At that time, you can make any changes you want. The design team was extremely attentive to all our suggestions. Even when we made changes to the socks, the team did not stop until we were completely satisfied.


Once you agree on your design, Bakdrop launches the socks on their website for up to two weeks. At this time, you may promote the socks on your instagram, and to friends and family.

If at least 15 socks are sold, the socks are made and shipped out to all the buyers within one month. If 15 socks aren't sold, the socks are not made and all customers are refunded. The great part about this collaboration is that there is absolutely no monetary risk involved. You do not have to invest any money into producing and shipping the socks.


At the end of the campaign, Bakdrop will pay you a percentage of the profits and that percentage increases if you sell more socks. You can also choose to donate the money from the socks to a non-profit organization. 

The Socks
The socks are one size fits all. They are made out of bamboo and are incredibly soft. 


Once you get your shipment, don't forget to rock your socks!