Doggy Designer

We are obsessed with dressing up our pups in comfortable and adorable apparel. We are always looking for unique designs that highlight our pups' personalities. There's no better way to bring out your dog's one-of-a-kind personality than with a custom outfit.

During this holiday season, we designed matching sweatshirts for our pups and we love them!


Bow and Drape Pet Sweatshirt; $39

Bow and Drape Pet Sweatshirt; $39

Bow and Drape specializes in custom apparel for both people and pets. For pets, they have sweatshirts and bandanas. They have pre-made designs with funny and trendy sayings on them. But, they also allow you to create your own apparel with different color letters, food and drink items, heart and stars, and other sparkly items.

Our Pawty Pups sweatshirt includes gold sequins letters with french fries, the poop emoji, pizza, a donut and a heart. Our pups were both a size medium.