DIY Ombré Tie Dye Rope Leash

An Ombré Rope Leash is the perfect way to bring some color into you and your dog's life. #UnicornVibes

Rope Leash
Tie Dye Kit
Needle and Thread (if your leash does not have a handle)

On a table (preferably outside), lay out a garbage bag or the plastic provided in the Tie Dye Kit. Be sure to use the gloves provided to prevent your hands from turning tie dye! 

Decide how many colors you want to use. Get a bowl of water for each color. We used 15 inch bowls, which allowed for the leash to soak at once.

Add each color of dye you are using into its own bowl of water.

Divide your leash into the amounts of colors you selected. Dip the end of the rope into the bowl of dye and leave it in there for five minutes. Ensure the leash is being completely submerged. Then dip the middle section into the next color and hold it there for five minutes. Be sure to dip part of the first section into the dye of the middle section so there is a smooth ombré transition. Repeat these steps for the third section of the leash.

Allow the leash to dry on a plastic bag overnight. 

If your leash did not come with a handle, use thread to seal the loop. Weave the thread in and out of the rope. Then, finish it off by wrapping thread around in a circular motion. This will allow it to look neat and tight.

Finally use the left over dye to match the thread to the color on that area.