Sassy Shiba Spray

Does your Shiba have the... Shiba stench?

As a dog lover, I have never been less of a germaphob. A pup in a city is going to be dirty. That is why when I first got AJ, my sassy Shiba Inu, I gave him a bath every month. But shortly after I found out that baths can dry out the Shiba's skin and coat. I couldn't deal with the stench, so instead of bathing him and making the little guy itchy, I created an easy spray.

I simply just filled a travel spray bottle with half water and half witch hazel. Then, added some essential oils! I used lavender. I would suggest adding a few drops then testing it before adding more. 

When creating the spray I hoped the lavender would calm my crazy pup, and it did work a bit!

When applying on your pup, spray in the air, not directly on him/her. Be sure to keep away from their face.