Best Friends Chokers

Our dogs are our best friends. They are our snugglers, listeners and pawty buddies. Since all best friends have friendship bracelets, and its not acceptable for dogs to wear bracelets, we made matching friendship chokers. The chokers are quick and easy to make. Here's how to make them: 

First, gather your supplies.

Glue Gun
Flexible Tape Measure

Your Choker

With a flexible tape measure, measure your neck.

Decide how thick you want your choker. Regardless of the thickness, leave an extra inch or two in width so you can fold over the sides. 

Put it around your neck to make sure its the right length and cut off any excess if needed.

Fold over the sides and seal them using your hot glue gun. This will make the edges look clean cut!

Next, fold over the other side and close with glue.

Cut two small squares of velcro, remove the tape off the back and glue them onto the ends of the choker. The sticky side was strong, however, we decided to use glue in case it weakens over time.


Your Dog's Choker

Measure the length of your dog's collar starting from the buckle to the first hole.


Measure the width of your dog's collar. You will need about three times the width of your pup's collar.



Fold over the sides...

and close the sides with glue.

Fold over one of the long sides. Put a line of glue on the folded over fabric. Fold over the other side and press along the line of glue to finish your product.

Slip the collar through the sleeve... and TADA!