DIY Custom Tattooed Wooden Board

Tired of throwing your leash down on the counter or hanging it wherever you can? We created a custom leash and waste bag holder that will look amazing in your house or apartment.


We purchased most of our supplies at Michaels. If we were unable to find the exact item we bought in the store online, we added a link to a similar item. Here is a list of what you need:

Wooden Board
Small Mason Jar
Adhesive Letters
Glue Gun
Nails or screws
Screw driver or hammer
Mod Podge
Laser jet printer (If you do not have a laser printer, like us, you can print your image at Staples)
Paint brush
Wash cloth

For this project we completed four separate tasks on our wood base.

1. Screwing on a Mason Jar.

2. Gluing the letters.

3. Attaching the hook/leash holder.

4. Tattooing the image.

Before starting, we suggest placing all items on the wood to ensure they will fit properly.

Now... let's get to business.

First, we screwed on the Mason Jar.

Tighten the clamp around the mason jar. (We did this before attaching the clamp to the wood, as it is much easier, however you will still be able to adjust the clamp when it is attached.)

If your clamp is like ours, the slits are too small for the width of the screws. So, stretch out one of the slits on the clamp so that the nail or screw can fit through it.

Now that the slit is wider, place the screw through the hole and screw it into the wood with a screw driver.

Next, glue the letters to spell your pup's name.

Use the hot glue gun to add the adhesive letters to the wooden board. Even though the letters we purchased are adhesive, they did not stick well. 


And now, attach the main purpose of this project... the leash hook.

Make another hole with the screw, place the screw in the hole and place your hook on it when it is secure. We used flat head screws since they were available to us, however we suggest using round head screws. Also, remember when completing this part, do it slowly to prevent cracking the wood. 


Finally, tattoo your image.

If you wish to create a silhouette of your pup, paste a picture of your dog onto Microsoft word and recolor your photo to 25% black and white. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out, as we would be happy to assist.

When your photo is ready, print the image on a laser printer. If you do not have a laser printer, print at staples! Its easy, fast and cheap!

Cut off any excess around your image and paint Mod Podge onto the image. Then, paint some Mod Podge on the wood where the image will be. Place the image face down onto the board. Using a credit card or ID, glide over the image to remove any air bubbles. Let it sit for four hours. 

After the four hours, place a warm, wet wash cloth on the back of the paper and let it sit for 30 minutes.

Near the sink, wet your fingers and rub the image in a circular motion. You will see the paper peel off. If this is taking you a while... don't worry your doing it right! Be patient and gentle to prevent taking off any of the wanted areas. Do this until all of the paper has peeled off.

Let it dry for 15 minutes. When the area is dry you will be able to see if all paper was properly removed. 

Once all is dry, put a thin layer of Mod Podge over the image.


Hang the board up on your wall using your preferred method and enjoy!