The Secret to Removing Doodle Dreds

As a Goldendoodle, Nocci is extremely prone to getting matted. We jokingly call his matts "doodle dreds." He especially gets matted around his collar, harness area, sides, behind the ears and towards his tail. After brushing for hours, I still couldn't get the matts out. I've tried conditioners, detangling sprays and various combs and brushes. I used to even cut some of them out, which often resulted in noticeable patches in his coat.

It became frustrating because when I would send him to the groomer, they'd shave him down. I eventually found a groomer that would brush him out and not cut his hair at all. I LOVE his hair long, but I was sending him once a month, which was a little harsh on my wallet.

However, I think I found the secret to removing Doodle Dreds myself!

Coconut Oil is known for its amazing health benefits but it is also a natural conditioner. Scoop out the coconut oil with a spoon and rub it in your hands. The thick, white coconut oil with melt into a liquid form that you can rub through your doodle's hair. Rub a generous amount through the hair prior to brushing. As you brush, you may discover matted sections. Scoop out more coconut oil and put it directly on the matt. Rub the coconut oil through the matt and it will begin to break it up. Begin to comb through it and add more coconut oil as needed. I use a brush to break up the matt and a thin comb after its broken up a bit.

Your doodle will look greasy after this so I recommend giving him or her a bath after brushing. It's better to give a bath after brushing because the water can make the current stubborn matts worse. What's great about coconut oil is it's edible and great for your pup so if they lick themselves, its completely fine. You can also give your dog some as a treat. I prefer Petpost Coconut Oil, but you can use any coconut oil.

Nocci is extremely fussy when I brush him. When I brush him, I put a bag of treats in front of me and I give him many treats as distractions... almost every time he finishes one treat I give him another just to get him to stay still. A spoonful of peanut butter also works!