Thanksgiving Dinner for Your Pup

Let's face it, no one loves you more than your dog. Even if they do, no one's entire world revolves around you like your dog's does. On Thanksgiving, we celebrate everything we are thankful for...especially our family. Why not show your dog you are thankful for him too?

Rather than giving your dog Thanksgiving Dinner leftovers, which might contain ingredients that are toxic to your dog, you can cook him a quick meal.

Boil one pack of chicken cutlets for about 10 minutes. 

White Rice
Boil a package of white rice for about 10 minutes.

Sweet Potato
Cook a sweet potato in the oven for about one hour. Remove the skin.

Do not season any of the ingredients because excess salt is not good for your dog. Let everything cool and mix it together. Cut up the chicken and the sweet potato into small pieces.