Downlite Bedding

We definitely need a good night sleep so we can take care of our pups. And let's face it, our pillows are the pups' pillows. Our pups spend just as much time, if not more, snoozing on our pillows. We tried Downlite Bedding's Fat Head Pillows, and we definitely have been sleeping better since. Not only are they super comfy, but they are firm and supportive. 

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Turn Your Pup into A Pillow with LiLiPi

We cannot think of a better throw pillow for our beds than a life like pillow of our pups. LiLiPi Brand does just that. These pillows capture the look, shape and personality of our dogs. The double-sided, handmade pillow has a soft velvet polyester cover and polyester fill. LiliPi makes for a great, sentimental gift. AJ loves playing with pillows, so I was a bit worried he would destroy it in the first half hour. Luckily, LiliPi is machine washable and the company provides lifetime warranty. The creators make the process fast and easy. To make your own pillow, simply upload a picture of your pup here.

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Love Your Melon

We are proud to announce that we have joined the @loveyourmelon Influencer Program! Love Your Melon is an apparel brand dedicated to giving a hat to every child battling cancer in America as well as giving fifty percent (50%) of profit from sales to their nonprofit partners. To date, they have given over 3.8 million dollars and over 125,000 hats to children battling cancer. Together, we will change the lives of children battling cancer one beanie at a time. #LoveYourMelon #JoinTheStory


The beanie is super soft and adorable. We love it and can't wait to wear it this winter!

Other LYM products include...


Pop Your Pup

Bring some PUP culture into your life. Pop Your Pup creates trendy, customized wrapped canvases and apparel featuring your pet. We recently received the crop tops and we are OBSESSED. The shirts capture our love for our dogs and their unique personalities. If you love your dog as much as us, chances are they're your phone background and just scrolling through your camera roll shows you're even more obsessed than Yolanda Hadid is with Gigi and Bella as seen on her kitchen wall. So, what's better than wearing a shirt with your pup's face on it? I'll tell you. NOTHING.


Here's how you can create your own Pop Your Pup product:


Choose your product. Pop Your Pup has apparel and wrapped canvases.

Upload a high quality photo. The in-house artists will use the photo to create a masterpiece of your pup that pops. Within 1 business day, Pop Your Pup will send the image to you to review. If you aren't satisfied, you can revise the image as many times as you want. 





There are many amazing backgrounds to choose from including bright colors, foods, and patterns. 

Place Your Order!
Of course, finally, don't forget to rock those shirts and hang those canvases high!




Mr. Monster Pup Photoshoot

The best part about being a dog model is that there is no dieting involved. When pups pose for the photographer, they are given plenty of treats. And unlike human models, dog models are accepted exactly for who they are.

At the Mr. Monster Pup photoshoot, Nocci and AJ modeled with the new Mr. Monster Pup Toy Collection. Not only did they meet and play with many new furi-ends, they were able to play with Clyde the Cyclops, Kenzie the Kraken, and Oscar the Ogre. These monsters can survive even when your pup is acting like a monster. Not only are these toys durable, but they have the attributes that make toys fun for pups, such as ropes and squeakers. If your pup is a destroyer, Mr. Monster Pup toys are the answer. 


The Mr. Monster Pups toys will be available in November. Nocci and AJ can't wait to get their paws on them. Click here for some behind the scenes footage of the photoshoot! 

Photography by Jason Howard

Get Pampered With Your Pup at Jeffrey Stein 78

Anywhere we can bring our pups (that's not the dog park) is definitely a plus.

Want to get your hair done but feel bad about leaving your pup at home? Check out Jeffrey Stein 78! Jeffrey Stein 78 is a hair salon on the Upper East Side in NYC that welcomes your pup to tag along.  AJ and Nocci relaxed as we got blowouts and our makeup done. The staff was very friendly and welcoming to our pups. We were impressed with the stylists and makeup artist, who listened to our requests for voluminous blow outs and natural makeup. Our day of glam was definitely better with our best friends by our side.



Of course, we then had to take pictures of our dogs!

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Pearhead Paw-tnership

Pearhead is a Brooklyn based gift company that specializes in creating adorable, quality products to celebrate those special moments in life. Getting our pups this year has been pretty special for us and with Pearhead's creative products we can showcase our pups in a tangible form other than on their Instagram pages. We pawt-nered with Pearhead to show you how much we are loving their products. And yes, Pearhead specializes in gifts but who say's you can't give gifts to yourself? 

Pet Age Blocks ($14.95)

The Pet Age Blocks are a pawfect way to document your pup's monthly milestones and birthdays.

Pet Bone Chalkboard ($14.95)

The Pet Bone Chalkboard is a great way to showcase your pup's current accomplishments. The board has room for his or her favorite toys, things he or she loves, and his or her latest tricks or training accomplishments. It's also an adorable way to document your pup's growth as a puppy with his or her age, length and weight. Use the awesome product to show off your dog's unique personality!


Pawprints Desk Frame ($19.95)

The Pawprints Desk Frame holds your pup's picture and his or her pawprint. Documenting your pup's pawprint will be something you will cherish for your entire life. The frame is suitable for any area: your office, living room, bedroom, and more!


To see how it all worked, we tried it out ourselves!

Step 1: Open up the clay from the package and knead it for 1 minute. Then, place it on aluminum foil. Please note, the aluminum foil does not come with the item.

Step 2: Use the roller to flatten out the clay into a square. Remember not to make it to thin, as the dogs paw will need to be deep to be visible. If you make a mistake, just refold the clay and roll it again.

Step 3: Wet your pup's paw. Make sure it is completely clean otherwise dirt will stick to the clay. Place your pup's paw into the clay and hold it down for a few seconds. Once again, if you mess up you can just roll the clay up and start over or flip it over and use the other side.


Step 4: Cut the edges off with the ruler to make the square even. Allow the clay to dry for 1-2 days before putting it in the picture frame. Be sure to flip the clay, during the time it is drying.

Step 5: Put in a photo of your pup and the paw print. Use the double-sided sticky to prop up the clay! And VUOLA! 


Pawprints Keepsake ($9.95)

The instructions for the Pawprints Keepsake are the same as the Pawprints Desk Frame. The Pawprints Keepsake is perfect to hang up in your house or office!