About Our Best Fur-iends

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AJ is a Shiba Inu, born on April 15th, 2016. He loves playing with all dogs (even ones that don't want to play with him), squeaky toys, chasing leaves, window watching, playing fetch at 1 AM and eating non-edible objects! He hates water, having his paws wiped and sharing toys! He's a very clever and sassy Shiba. He's hard to say "no" to, but easy to love.

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Nocci is a Mini Goldendoodle, born on March 3, 2016. He is a "coddled canine" and explores the world with his humans leash length away. Nocci loves being with his fur-iends and family, and playing in the grass. Nocci hates loud trucks and big boxes. He's a loving, silly, smart, and prudent pup who's just trying to make the world a better place, one puppy hug at a time.

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Antoinette (left) & Amanda (right)

Antoinette (left) & Amanda (right)

Hi everypawdy, I’m Antoinette. I am currently in grad school at  Pace University, in NYC, studying public accounting. AJ is my security blanket. That little pumpkin is not afraid of anything. He pushes me to explore, bringing me to new places every day.

Hi, I'm Amanda, Nocci's human. I recently graduated NYU and am applying to medical school. I love going on new adventures, playing and cuddling with Nocci!

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